Beckman Coulter - MicroScan Autoscan 4
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Microbiological System 

The MicroScan autoSCAN-4 semi-automated system provides simplified ID/AST testing in a highly reliable and affordable package.The MicroScan autoScan-4 system includes our  LabPro Information Manager software and is designed to simplify workflow and minimize technologist interaction, while accommodating differing regional and institutional environments through extensive customization features. Our LabPro software automates detection of atypical results for quick reporting and directs staff to the most appropriate action, based upon customized institutional procedures. 

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3 years ago
I work in a university setting. I was fortunate to have a Microscan Autoscan 4 donated to the student lab. I was also given the user manual/guide. I have not been able to find any schematic or reagent list for the instrument in the manual or online. I need help!Reply


  • Operation is easy to learn and use, with minimal training
  • Conventional panels can be processed with direct, non-identification (ID)-dependents MICs, to help you zero in on emerging resistance 
  • Specialty ID panels can be processed for reduced turnaround time when speed matters 
  • Optional remote diagnostics provide an extra level of service responsiveness
  • Our highly rated service and support teams offer unmatched experience and expertise to ensure the optimal performance of your microbiology service 
  • Comprehensive, up-to-date selection of antimicrobial agents
  • Multiple antimicrobics tested per panel for broad and cost-effective reporting
  • Direct MIC results independent of organism identification
  • Combo panels provide ID and MIC results on a single panel
  • ID-only and MIC-only panel selections balance your workload needs
  • Full MIC and breakpoint antimicrobic dilution configurations available
  • Extensive Gram Negative, Gram Positive, and fastidious organism identification database

Additional Specifications

  • Dimensions - Height: 10 in. Width: 19 in. Depth: 23 in.
  • Weight: 40 lbs.
  • Power cord length: 6.5 in.
  • Cable to computer length: 8.5 in.
  • Digital interface: RS-232C (9600 baud)
  • AC power plug type: 5-15P

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