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Alaris™ CC Plus Syringe Pump with Guardrails™ Safety Software

The Alaris™ CC Plus syringe pump offers a range of features suited to drug therapy, blood and blood products and epidural therapy, including: large, clear display, intuitive user interface, integrated design and wide range of specialty infusion sets. 

The Alaris™ CC Plus syringe pump is also compatible with the  Guardrails™ Suite of safety software giving you the power to identify, track and, ultimately, prevent many of the most harmful IV medication errors. The Alaris™ CC plus represents one of today's safest and most advanced syringe pump technologies. 

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18 days ago
PK Dataset Copy
Hi, I have a question. How to save the dataset from the PK pump and copy it to another PK pump? Thx: waltonh@mail.comReply


19 days ago
What to do about error EV13 "Event Log Fault, Log Unpack Failure"?
recently had a Alaris CC Guardrails come down with error EV13, usually we'd just replace the main board. but we recently had end of support for this model of syringe pump. so the usual route of buying a new main board and replacing it is no longer an option. so i'm just wondering does anyone know of a way to revive it? or is it now just a expensive paperweight?Reply


a year ago
"Pressure set not fitted" on a Alaris CC pump
Hello, a customer who have bought to us a Cardinal Alaris CC pump needs help to configure it. the pump displays this message: "Pressure set not fitted". I think he just has to configure the unit, but as we are not specialist in Syringe pump, we can't really help there someone who could help him, please? is there anything to do for solving this? thanks a lot for your help, and have a nice day!Reply
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Intensivists have the highest expectations of their infusion pumps. Safety, ease of use, and practicality are just some of the most basic requirements. The Alaris™ CC Plus syringe pump delivers exclusive capabilities for significant bedside advantages. 

The Alaris™ CC Plus syringe pump from BD, delivers exclusive benefits through in-line pressure monitoring and the Guardrails™ suite of safety software.

In-line pressure monitoring improves the early detection of occlusions, by reducing time to alarm, can help prevent sub-therapeutic medication and the risk of I.V. complications and post occlusion bolus.

Improves consistency and standardisation.

Configuring pumps to specific care areas is easy and consistent with the Alaris™ Editor.

One PC tool configures the Alaris™ CC Plus and GH Plus syringe pumps and the Alaris™ GP Plus volumetric pump.

  • Centralised configuration control
  • Up to 30 Care area profiles
  • Up to 3000 drug protocols

Alaris™ CC Plus syringe pump can:

  • Reduce time to alarm, especially using small syringes.
  • Minimise unintentional bolus release.
  • Provide constant indication of in-line pressure.

Drug Protocols

Build standardised drug protocols into the infusion pump, ensuring safe administration of IV therapy.

Ease of Use

  • Large Display - Easy to read critical data at a glance, clearly visible from a distance in all lighting conditions.
  • Folding Pole Clamp - Built in folding pole clamp and Medical Device Interface (MDI), allows mounting independently of or within the Alaris™ Medication Safety System without additional accessories.
  • Portability - Alaris™ syringe pumps are portable independently of the Alaris™ Medication Safety System, fully featured on the move with safety and intelligence built in.

Medication safety software is becoming a pre-requisite for infusion devices. However, many hospitals find the implementation a challenge. The plus software is designed to make the transition to full Guardrails™ implementation easy and in line with your schedule. You can use the same Alaris™ Editor to create your drug library and care area profiles. When your Guardrails™ data set is ready, upgrading the pump to Guardrails™ is simple.

  • Standardise Defining your infusion protocols
  • Protect Helps to prevent errors at the bedside
  • Measure Powerful analysis of your infusion data
  • Improve Drives Long term best practice of your evolving drug therapy

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