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Shandon HistoCentre 2

The Shandon HistoCentre 2 Embedding Center is a sizeable work area which provides easy embedding of histological specimens. It is equipped with a well-lit multi-position magnifier for precise orientation when encasing specimens in paraffin, and ergonomically-designed controls for convenient operation and improved throughput. Additionally, the Shandon HistoCentre 2 features a large heated storage area suitable for all types of base molds.

The 5.2 liter paraffin tank of the HistoCentre 2 is the largest in the industry. Its equally large cold plate can efficiently store up to 60 blocks, and its cassette area can hold up to 200 cassettes. Moreover, the HistoCentre 2 work area is especially designed to prevent wax penetration and has a wax flow rate which is precisely attuned with the dispenser jet.   

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3 years ago
paraffin tank dispenser
The paraffin holding tank/dispenser will not heat to 60C to melt the paraffin. The temperature control can be set to 60+C but remains at room temperature. We are looking for instructions to replace the heating &/or thermocouple elementReply


5 years ago
Service manual
We have purchased a refurbished unit and are looking for a service manualReply


  • Large all-in-one work area
  • Well-lit multi-position magnifier
  • Ergonomically-designed controls
  • Prevents wax penetration
  • 5.2 liter paraffin tank, largest in the industry

Additional Specifications

Prevents wax penetration
5.2 liter paraffin tank
Temperatures: Recommended operating temp:+15 C to 25 C
Cold Plate minimum temp: -10 C
Hot plate temp. range: 55 to 70 C
Tissue Storage compartment range: 40 C to 80 C.
Forceps warmer: 80 C
Paraffin wax storage temp. range: 45 C to 65 C
Weight: 48kg approx (net) (106 lb.)
Dimensions: Width: 93 cm Depth: 60 cm Height: 38 cm
Cold Plate: 28 x 35 cm
Hot Plate: 7 x 7 cm
Power Requirements: 1600 VA

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