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Ultrasound designed for surgery. 

Time and space are always at a premium, no matter what environment you're in. The transducers can be connected and removed with one hand using a simple locking mechanism, also contributing to the short set up time. The No Touch Auto Gain means you can keep your focus on the image instead of on the equipment. Full suite of innovative technologies and advanced controls and adjustments to help you achieve the best possible image quality, across many applications. 

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4 years ago
Using bk 5000 with another device

can you connect bk 5000 or bk 3000 to a lithotripsy device to perform the procedure? if yes which lithotripsy devices can do that with bk 5000 or bk 3000?

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  • Excellent images instantly - no adjustment needed

  • Small system footprint - fits easily in the OR

  • Wide range of specialized and sterilizable transducers

  • Sterilizable remote control for convenient control of the system in the sterile eld

  • Rapid boot time and up to two hours of plug-free imaging

  • Advanced modes: elastography, contrast imaging, 3D, vector ow imaging (VFI)

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