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Ultrasound System 

With the advanced capabilities to address a variety of applications, the HD9 is a versatile system whose focus on simplicity decreases the new system learning curve, while sophisticated features bring advanced functionality. A versatile and easy to use system that combines outstanding image quality with exceptional workflow features and high reliability to meet needs.

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8 months ago
HD9 Rockwell DVI
Hello. I've problem with HD9 ultrasound, distorted picture on LCD, no picture on external DVI and normal picture on thermal printer (BNC). I've tried direct connection to DVI/VGA on Nvidia graphic card and there is picture from ultrasound. I assume that error is on Rockwell DVI card. Card reseat doesn't help. Direct LCD-DVI here doesn't work (like on EnVisor), unfortunately. But searching internet with data on PCI card I find nothing... 20220613-183050




a year ago
DVD Writer
How do I safe the obstetric picture on the DVD in the machine, from the monitor?Reply


2 years ago
Philips - HD9
Hi, please help me , need service password for Philips HD9, I want test system. Reply
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  • Easy-to-use 3D and 4D capabilities that deliver exquisite detail
  • Tissue differentiation tools including a digital broadband beamformer and tissue aberration correction for 2D imaging
  • Tissue specific imaging (TSI) technology, which optimizes the transducer for the specific exam type, resulting in excellent image quality with little need for adjustment
  • Live iSlice, which creates slices of a volume rendering to zero in on the region of interest


Cart Based1
Clinical ApplicationsColorectal
Imaging Capabilities3D/4D

Additional Specifications

  • The following transducers are Philips HD9 probes:  Philips V7-3, Philips S4-2, Philips L12-5, Philips C6-3, Philips C8-5, Philips D2cwc, Philips V9-4v, Philips C8-4v, Philips C9-4ec, Philips C5-2, Philips D5cwc, and Philips L9-3.

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