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ACUSON Antares ultrasound system is the complete ultrasound solution, ready to perform any exam on any patient.

From routine imaging to contrast agent imaging, 3D/4D, breast imaging, and stress echo, the Antares system provides superb image quality and advanced workflow solutions.

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9 months ago
Display problems
Hello. My U/S (I believe from 2005) randomly changes from grayscale to blue or purple. Is this a bad video card or something else? The monitor has no reset or degauss. Any suggestions on how to get this repaired? ThanksReply


a year ago
Failure to start
Hullo there, I have a problem of my machine to start, it displays and stops on the logo, what could be the problem,? Thanks

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-MedWrench Manager
a year ago
Dead CMOS battery
I have a user that has asked the following question, any help would be greatly appreciated! Acuson Antares Ultrasound Scanner reported dead CMOS battery. It also reported incorrect date - this is understandable in view of the dead CMOS battery. It also said syngo appears to be invalid and as a result booting up cannot continue. I would like to replace the CMOS battery in the hope that this will correct the all the reported errors. But my question is: where is the CMOS battery located in the Antares machine ?. I would also appreciate any other instructions that could help resolving all of the above reported errors. Tunde AsenaReply
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  • Unique system design allowing easy access to transducers and peripherals 
  • Height adjustable control panel with intuitive HomeBase layout to help minimize repetitive motions 
  • High-resolution 19-inch flat-panel display
  • Articulating arm for flat panel display
  • Compact, lightweight system architecture
  • Lightweight transducers and cables reduce operator strain
  • Intuitive workflow to reduce keystrokes and repetitive motion
  • Hanafy lens transducer and Extend imaging technologies designed to reduce transducer pressure with technically difficult-to-image patients


Cart Based1
Weight350 lbs
Clinical ApplicationsColorectal
Color-flow Mapping1
Doppler Modes3-D, Color, Continuous wave (CW), Pulsed wave (PW), Power CW/CW Spectral
Image Display19 in Color Flat Panel
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