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DVT prevention device. 

Flowtron® Excel is a clinically proven, effective, non-invasive, mechanical prophylaxis system designed to reduce the incidence of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). It has been designed to provide calf and/or thigh compression and can be used in dual or single leg mode, providing choice and flexibility.

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15 days ago
Why won't it start pumping when connected to orange tubing?Reply


16 days ago
Troubleshooting Arjo - Flowtron Excel
Why isn't it starting? I hooked up the orange tubing, and opened it up to check if the interior tubes were connected to the pump. Everything seems to be connected correctly, but when I turn it on, it does not pump. Usually when the Flowtron does not start pumping when connected to the orange tubing, an interior tube is loose or disconnected and I just reconnect it and it starts to pump, but this is not the case. Any advice is appreciated. Reply


  • Vibration free pump
  • Single leg option flexibility
  • Clear audible and visual alarm indicators assure that the pump is delivering the correct pressure at all times

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