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Laser therapy.

CUBE technology allows optimal effect through the unique ability to use and modulate several pulse frequencies as well as adapt to influencing factors specific to the patient such as skin color and level of chronicity of injury. Available with 3 or 4 wavelengths and standard lens or dynamic lens. 

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  • Biostimulation is the ability to stimulate and promote tissue growth and repair at the cellular level.
  • The wavelengths of laser light are mainly absorbed by the chromophores, molecules located inside cells able to convert laser light. The products of this process are indispensable substances for the repair, growth and proliferation of cells.
  • Using the appropriate wavelength, the maximum therapeutic effect on the target tissue can be achieved.
  • Depending on the modulation of the wavelength and on the different parameters set, different effects can be achieved:
  • Laser light is absorbed and partly scattered in the target tissue and thereby largely converted into heat.
  • This thermal stimulus to the nociceptors of the skin affects the peripheral neurological tract and polarizes the neurons important for our pain perception.
  • This polarization activates the neural and humoral endorphinergic pain inhibition system with immediate pain relief as a result.

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