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Heat-fixing cells onto slides, especially when preparing ear cytologies or drying a urine slide before staining, is the best way to ensure that cells adhere flat onto the glass and fully accept stains with minimum wash-off. The traditional method of heat-fixing slides with a bunsen burner or lighter is considered too dangerous by many clinics, because of safety concerns of an open-flame, and is also inconsistent because of poor temperature control. Open flames also create black soot on the slide which must be wiped off prior to staining. The CytoPrep eliminates these concerns with a controlled warm surface that can accommodate up to 5 or 10 slides for rapid heat-fixing in as little as 1 minute. After slides are heat-fixed then stained and rinsed with water, the slides need to dry before viewing under the microscope. The CytoPrep can dry up to 5 or 10 slides in a minute using a warm gentle air stream, while slides rest in the removable, washable slide rack.

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LW Scientific Cytoprep
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LW Scientific Cytoprep
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