URIT - 500C

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Urine analyzer

The URIT 500c urine analyzer has a reaction time of 60 seconds, a throughput of 520 samples per hour and a memory of 9999 results. URIT-500C is an effective Urine Analyzer. It has several parameters, including; pH, Nitrite, Ascorbic Acid, Protein, Specific Gravity, Blood, Glucose,Bilirubin, Urobilinogen, Ketone, and Leucocytes. Measuring principle will be dual 3 LED wavelength. It also includes easy maintenance design with auto waste collection, high test speed, ideal for medium to high amount samples laboratory, fully automatic operation for ready-to-test, internal calibration for sensitivity of strips and cold light source facility with long life and high stability.

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  • Easy maintenance design
  • High test speed,ideal for extensive sample laboratory
  • Fully automatic operation for ready-to-test
  • Internal calibration for sensitivity of strips
  • Barcode reader optional

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