Nova Metrix - 7100 CO2SMO
by Nova Metrix

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Pulse Oximeter 

CAPNOGRAPH: This unit is utilized by many clinicians from emergency hospital transport to continuous monitoring in the OR, ED, or ICU. The 7100 features the CAPNOSTAT mainstream CO2 sensor with solid state design. It monitors both intubated and non intubated patients. The CO2SMO is designed for quality performance in both prolonged and spot check monitoring situations, even under the most adverse airway conditions. Convenient cable accuracy verification eliminates the need for bulky calibration cylinders:  PULSE OXIMETER: The SuperBright Advanced digital technology provides superior performance in conditions of low perfusion or motion artifact. Unique sensor management plan assures fixed operating costs and virtually eliminates the issue of tracking and handling sensors. Innovative reusable Y-sensor is sterizable and can be utilized with all patient populations.On-screen plethysmogram with autogained/non gained selection provides continuous validation of signal quality.

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