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The Assure® Pro Blood Glucose Monitoring System is designed to meet the growing demands of the Long-Term Care profession.

More features such as qcProGuard™, ProGrip™ design, backlighting, and strip release offer better convenience, safety, and accuracy.    To test, simply insert the test strip in the convenient top-of-the-meter port. Apply a small sample of blood and obtain plasma-referenced results in just 10 seconds. With a strip release button for disposal, there is no need to touch a used strip, reducing the risk of exposure to infectious materials. Assure Pro offers a little extra assistance with a "Hypo" warning to alert staff of low blood glucose readings and four individual alarms that can be programmed as test reminders.

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[list]  [*] Platinum is built into every Assure Pro strip ensuring greater durability, reliability and accuracy.   [*] Double dosing allows a second application of blood, reducing strip waste.   [*] Small sample of only 1 µL.   [*] Capillary action wicks blood into chamber.   [*] Top-of-the meter strip insertion for more convenient sample application   [*] Strip release button providing easy, safe disposal of used test strips.   [*] ProGrip™ design, a unique, lightweight gripping material that ensures a secure hold on the meter.   [*] Adjustable LCD backlight allows results to be read in lowlight conditions.  [/list]


Height4.1 in
Length 1 in
Weight2.5 oz
Width2.4 in

Additional Specifications

[list]  Sample Size: 1 µL   Test time: 10-seconds   Results range: 20-600 mg/dL  Memory: 250-tests with time and date stamp  [/list]

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