Siare - CAP 700
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Ventilator and cough stimulator. 

The CAP 700 stimulates the cough act and help the patient to expectorate the bronchial secretions in the invasive and non invasive mode, when the patient cannot  cough up autonomously, as it happens in case of neuromuscular diseases or in case of spinal cord injuries. The CAP 700 is a safe and easy way to reduce the risk of damages of breathing airways and respiratory complications, its aids the patient by reinforcing or replacing the natural expulsion of bronchial secretions with a gradual application to breathing airways of a positive vibrating pressure rapidly followed by a negative pressure. The air flow with slow vibrating inspiration and rapid expiration can simulate the cough process avoiding at the same time, the problems arising from more invasive procedures.

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  • Reinforces or replaces an ineffective cough
  • Aids to remove secretions from the lungs
  • Reduces respiratory infections 
  • Used with a face mask, mouth nozzle
  • Used on tracheostomised patients
  • Suitable for adult, pediatric and newborns patients 
  • Vibrated inspiratory ventilation
  • Pedal control for manual ins/esp ventilation

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