Siare - Centrale Neptune D-16
by Siare

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Central station for 16 Neptune beside monitors. 

The D-16 NEPTUNE central station comprises powerful system software and high-performance computer components and constructs a monitoring network by connecting monitors. By collecting, processing, analyzing and displaying information of monitors, the D-16 NEPTUNE can achieve centralized monitoring over multiple patients that greatly promotes the efficiency and quality of the monitoring.

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  • Displays up to 16 bedsides information
  • Displays information of one patient emphatically in bed view (auxiliary screen)
  • Displays up to 72 hours trend data for each connected patient
  • Displays 720 alarms for each connected patient
  • Displays up to 1000 NIBP measurement for each connected patient
  • Displays up to 48 hours of ECG waveforms for each connected patient
  • Provides the patient information management
  • Provides alarm events and actions taken
  • Provides recording events and action taken

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