Fanem - Babypap 1150-S
by Fanem

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Bubble nasal CPAP

Especially for newborns suffering from respiratory distress, the Babypap 1150-S helps improve gas exchange, avoid atelectasis and increase residual lung capacity.The Babypap provides an adjustable supply of continuous positive airway pressure through a continuous mixed flow of heated and humidified compressed air and oxygen, in addition to end expiratory pressure through a water and bubble column.

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  • Microprocessor-based controls
  • Adjustment of temperature delivered to the patient (servo control)
  • Indication of temperatures at the chamber outlet and close to the patient, of the humidity supplied to the patient, date and time, and length of use by the patient
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Key for selecting mode of use – invasive or noninvasive
  • Key for silencing alarms
  • Permits circuit with heating
  • Double sensor for monitoring temperatures close to the patient and the water chamber outlet
  • Color LCD screen.

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