Medison - SONOACE X4
by Medison


Full-featured grayscale ultrasound system that supports probes of convex, linear, and endocavity. Also supports DICOM and can be easily connected to PACS network.

The SonoAce X4 provides high-quality image resolution and sensitivity in all scanning modes including B/D/M modes. SONOACE X4 is applied with technical breakthroughs from Medison that propelled the quality of 2D images to a higher level. Full Spectrum Imaging expands individual ultrasound range into broadband range through special algorithm, and thus provides high quality images from near-zone to farzone.

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-Life Center
4 years ago
Starts up slow

When we turn on the ultrasound unit, it takes at least 5 minutes to start. Also, the imaging on the screen seems to be less clear and appears fuzzy.



5 years ago
mediso 128 bw primei need some tips

I have a medison 128 bw prime and i have a isue with username and password?

how can i find and disable the password.some help



6 years ago
software problem sonoace x4

After switching on it displays "recovering HDD don't turn off" till it reaches 70% then it stops.

please help me

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Premium 2D Performance

  • Full Spectrum Imaging
  • Synthetic Aperture
  • Tissue Harmonic Imaging(THI)
  • Extreme High Dynamic Range(150dB)

Special Performance

  • Freehand 3D
  • 3D Multi plannar imaging
  • Quick Scan
  • Post Gain Control
  • High resolution Zoom
  • Internal medicine : carotid vessels, abdominal, cardiovascular
  • OB/GYN : obstetrics, gynecology, breast
  • Pediatric : neonatal cephalic, abdominal, small parts, intussusception 
  • Radiology : abdominal, small parts, breast, musculoskeletal
  • Urology : prostate, urinary tract, renal


Cart Based1
Clinical ApplicationsColorectal
Color-flow Mapping0
Doppler ModesPulsed wave (PW)
Image Display12 in Monochrome CRT
Weight139 lbs
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