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Corneal Topography System

Bausch & Lomb’s Orbscan IIZ is a fully integrated multi-dimensional diagnostic system that elevates diagnostics beyond mere topography. Unlike current topography systems which scan the surface of the eye at standard points, the orbscan II acquires over 9,000 data points in 1.5 seconds to meticulously map the entire corneal surface (11 mm), and analyze elevation and curvature measurements on both the anterior and posterior surfaces of the cornea.

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3 months ago
Error de recalibracion

Buenas tardes tengo un problema con el topografo. alguiem sabra como quitarle el error que dice: ¨The deadline for recalibration has expired. Measurements are nor possible until recalibration has been performed. o que me pueda proporcionar el manual de servicio? gracias por sus atenciones



2 years ago
Installation CD
Hi dear I look for Installation CD for orbscan II If you please , top urgentReply


3 years ago
Installation CD
Trouble in operating the machine Can you help ?Reply


  • Acquires over 9000 data points in 1.5 seconds.
  • Analyzes elevation and curvature measurements on both anterior and posterior surfaces of the cornea.
  • Capable of detecting and analyzing posterior corneal abnormalities where corneal anomalies first appear.
  • Features dynamic, Windows-based platform designed to integrate continuing advances via upgradable software.
  • Customizable quad maps show any combination of measurements in one convenient format.
  • Slit scanning technology combined with an advanced placido disc system
  • Anterior corneal elevation and curvature.
  • Posterior corneal elevation and curvature.
  • Full corneal pachymetry.
  • Simulated keratometry.
  • White-to-white diameter.
  • Pupil size (mesopic)
  • Anterior chamber depth.
  • Angle kappa Irregularity index.

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