Thermo Fisher Scientific - 7500 PCR System
by Thermo Fisher Scientific

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The Applied Biosystems 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR System offers maximum performance in the minimum time.

Applications include gene expression analysis, pathogen quantitation, SNP genotyping, isothermal and +⁄– assays utilizing internal positive controls. To facilitate many of these applications, Applied Biosystems provides preformulated, ready-to-use, quality-tested, TaqMan® assays for use with the 7500 Fast system.

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-Ameer alkadhimi
4 years ago
I have problem in temperature
From normal like calibration to the device with the second step to the background background, the imposed temperature is raised up to 60, but the curve delivers a maximum of 32 or less. Knowing the device is hot from Ju, I mean the heat is true, but what is the problem? I dont knowReply


-Ameer alkadhimi
4 years ago
service manual

Hi guys i have problem with thermo fisher 7500 pcr i need service manual of this device anyone can help me i will be happy if you send for me service manual i have maintenance guide thank you



-Engr Michael Okeke
4 years ago
Wavy Amplification Plot. Causes?
Two AB7500 PCRs gave a wavy amplification plot for a particular sample. The curve got to a plateau and started coming down. Please what are the possible causes?Reply
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  • Shortens analysis time by auto-calling genotypes and automatically omitting the no template controls
  • Minimizes subjective analysis by automatically grouping unknown variant clusters
  • No temperature shift required – distinguish between homozygous mutants and wild type more easily
  • Allows easy data review with customizable multi-plot views, expandable windows and one-click color assignment to highlight curves of interest
  • Facilitates data presentation with the option to export data and graphs directly to PowerPoint or as JPEG files

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