Nova Biomedical - StatStrip
Manufactured by Nova Biomedical

StatStrip provides the analytical performance for those testing situations where glucose meter interface capability is not needed.

A new software enhancement for Nova StatStrip™ Glucose and StatSensor™ Creatinine point-of-care monitoring systems allows off-line entry of POC test results for immediate data capture. With the enhanced NovaNet™ instrument manager software, operators can use StatStrip touchscreen to manually enter virtually any off-line POC test result, such as pregnancy or urinalysis, and use the meter as a POC communication device to transmit the information to the hospital’s electronic database. The off-line entry capability saves time and labor compared to manually charting the result and then having to enter it later into the database.



8 months ago
Login Reset & Going into Service mode
How can I reset login details, and how can I go in to service mode?Reply


8 months ago
Login Reset & Going into Service mode
How can I reset login information, and also how can I go into service mode?Reply


-Marjolaine Nadau Marianella
3 years ago
Is there an initial manufacturer password to log in to the StatStrip Glucose meter device? Thank youReply
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  • Color touch screen
  • Built-in barcode scanner
  • Traditional QC with target values assigned to QC materials
  • Numeric or pass/fail QC
  • QC prompting or QC lock out
  • Abnormal and critical ranges flagged by color highlighting
  • Canned or free text user comments
  • Rejecting of results at meter (optional) for repeat testing
  • Flagging of Tight Glycemic Control results
  • Accepting patient ID or accession number
  • Use of operator password (lockout)
  • Entry of offline tests
  • Entry of ICD-9 Diagnosis codes
  • Ordering physicians I.D.
  • On-screen training mode
  • Correlation mode
  • Slope and intercept adjustment
  • Web-based meter configuration by location
  • Custom meter configuration by medical unit
  • Connect to hospital ADT
  • Connect to all LIS/EMR
  • POCT1-A data output
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