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Hematology analyzer

The CELL-DYN® 1600 is a multi-parameter hematology analyzer designed for in vitro diagnostic use in clinical laboratories. The instrument has two versions, the CELL-DYN 1600, which accepts specimens from open collection tubes only, and the CELL-DYN 1600CS, which accepts specimens in either open or closed collection tubes. CBC-LINE contains pre-diluted WBC, RBC/Hgb, and Plt levels appropriate for use in establishing reportable ranges. Kits are customized to the reportable range capabilities of all major hematology analyzers to provide a kit best suited to your needs. When CBC-LINE kits are used in combination with independently verified and documented calibration, the information can be used to establish the range of lowest and highest values that can be accurately reported by the hematology analyzer. Each kit includes one Instrument Evaluation Report at no extra charge.

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-Kishore K
3 years ago
Changing Dot Matrix printer to laser printer
Hi, we have Cell-Dyn 1600 and 1700 model machines at 4 branch offices. All machines are connected through Okidata 320 turbo dot matrix printer, since service and tape cartridges are not available we are planning to replace with laser printers. Any help or documentation available. Than kyou-KishoreReply


-hector aguirre
4 years ago
silicon Size tubing
Hi everyone, can someone please help me to know the measurements of the silicone tubes of the flow panel of the hematology equipment cell dyn. regards!! Reply


  • Each kit includes a Low Range Kit and an instrument specific Full Range Kit
  • Low Range Kits may be ordered separately
  • Contains a series of dilutions of WBC, RBC/Hgb and PLT concentrations
  • Packaged in 3.0mL vials with color-coded caps
  • Each kit includes one computer-generated report

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