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Film processor

Due to the precision roller transport system, both sheet and roll films can be processed. The automatic film registration is activated immediately when a film is fed in. The film materials are developed, fixed, rinsed and dried. With the easy to operate micro-processor, the processing conditions can be adjusted to suit the various film and chemical types. The developing solutions are temperature-regulated, circulated and automatically replenished.

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Additional Specifications

Film transport: Continuous roller transport system

Film formats: Sheet and roll films up to 45.1 cm (17.7 ) width; Roll films with leader from 70 mm (2.8'') width; smallest film format 10x10 cm (4x4''). In processor type 1191 roll films in cassettes can also be proc- essed. Cassette box (LxWxH): 53x19x16 cm (20.6x7.5x6.3'').

Processing capactiy: 232 films 24x30 cm (10x12“) per hour (standard model, film fed in crosswise, at 90 s)

Process time: 1-5 min.; in 0.1-min. steps adjustable.

Linear speed: 30-151 cm/min., depending on selected process time.

Developing time: 14-71 s, depending on selected process time. 

Tank capacities: 12.5 l developer, 12 l fixer,13 l water.

Circulation system: Developer and fixer are continiuously circulated by a circulation pump.

Replenishment: Automatic by film surface measurement in relation to processed film; quantity adjustable; time replen- ishment can be activated.

Developer temperature: Adjustable 28-40 °C (82.4-104 °F).

 Fixer temperature: Adjusted to developer temperature by heat exchanger.

Dryer temperature: Adjustable 35-70 °C (95-158°F), achievable tem- perature depends on mains voltage.

Water connection: Permissible water pressure 2 - 10 bar (29 - 145 psi), permissible water temperature 5 - 30 °C (41 - 86 °F).

Water consumption: 1.9 litre per minute when processing.

Drain capacity: 11 litres per minute

Noise level: Less than 59 dB(A).

Heat emission: During processing approx. 1.5 kJ/s.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 97x68x127 cm

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