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Real-time PCR detection system. 

The system is composed of the CFX96 Deep Well Optical Reaction Module and the C1000 Touch Thermal Cycler Chassis. The module is a member of the family of interchangeable reaction modules that can be used with the C1000 Touch Thermal Cycler Chassis for PCR and real-time PCR. All modules can be quickly inserted and removed from the cycler chassis without tools.

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2 months ago
How to evaluate Contamination/Background noise and calibrate CF96?
Hello, I'm looking for how we can do this on a CFX96: 1 / the search for well contamination 2 / the search for background noise 3 / calibration. It seems that we need a plate with pure dye if I understood correctly .... Do we need a plate / dye specific to CFX Bio-Rad or then we can use what we have on thermocylators APPLIED for example. Thank youReply


8 months ago
Errors found on block A


Errors found on block A Right lid sensor failed.

Kindly provide needful help instructions to trouble shoot the error.

In middle of pcr run.

Covid19 lab



-Engr Michael Okeke
a year ago
Service Manual
Please I need the service manual for BioRad CFX96 Deep well real-time PCRReply


  • Deep wells for large volumes  

  • Detection of up to 5 targets per well, plus a channel dedicated to singleplex FRET

  • Protocol autowriter that generates an optimal protocol for your reaction components

  • Thermal gradient that identifies optimal annealing temperature in a single run

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