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X-ray system generator

The CMP 200 X-ray generator is intended for use in stationary radiographic X-ray systems, including tomography. The X-ray generator consists of a main power cabinet, and a control console. The main power cabinet contains the HT tank and control circuits, the filament drivers, the low speed starter, and interface connections to the room equipment.

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-Helper from north
2 months ago
Digital module
Hallo All Can any help me with price on Digital module for CPI generator. The part number of the digital interface option is 90216000. Generator name CMP 200 50 kW

Equipment: cpi



8 months ago
The conteol console does work , only the first button is in use

What can i do to solve this problem ,buttons are non working properly

Equipment: UMG/Del Medical - CMP 200



8 months ago
Problem typing the control console cmp 200

am having problem with control console, sometimes it works fine using and changing into deferent menu, but the most time the buttons dosent respond , the only button that always respond is the firat one which indicate cervical menu, what should i do to solve this problem?



  • Integral low speed starter, compatible with X-ray tubes with type “R” stator. Optional compatibility with GE 23/23 Ω equal impedance “E” stator.

  • 24 VDC, 110, or 220 VAC power source for Buckys.

  • 24 VAC 150 watts power source for collimator lamp.

  • 24 VDC 45 watts power source for system locks.

  • Optional AEC.

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