BTL - 6000 SWT
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High intensity laser for shockwave therapy. 

The device is equipped with a color touch screen on the main unit which considerably simplifies its use. The touch screen is equipped with a stylus (touch-pen) for easy operation of the device. The horizontally orientation of the device allows the information on the screen to be seen clearly from different servicing positions. Additionally, the brightness of the screen can be set to match the lighting in the room of the office or the health-care center. The on-screen information will guide the user step-by-step through the entire therapy process. The therapeutic parameters are easily set using the touch screen buttons and knobs/keys on the device.

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3 years ago
Looking for Manuals for BTL Ultra or Ultra 360, Excilis etc
Looking for Manuals for BTL Ultra or Ultra 360, Excilis etcReply


  • Maximum power 50 times higher than in conventional laser
  • Unique wavelength of 1064 nm
  • Penetration depth up to 10 centimeters into the tissue
  • Extremely effective in healing acceleration and pain management
  • Designed for the use in sports medicine, orthopedics and rehabilitation

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