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The Biocut 2030 is low maintenance with a backlash-free micrometer feed system. The pre-lubricated cross roller bearings provide for consistent, accurate sectioning. The coarse-feed positioning hand wheel advances the specimen to the knife edge with a total feed excursion of 25 mm (1″). Because the Biocut 2030 has a counterbalanced cutting hand wheel the sectioning is smooth and fatigue-free. And it has an easily-controllable sectioning speed driven on maintenance-free cross roller guides.

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4 years ago
Leica R-J Biocut 2030 - rubber feet
Leica R-J Biocut 2030 - rubber feet - does anyone know the part number for the four rubber feet? Reply


  • Vertical roller veering sideway prevents any deviation of specimen cylinder during sectioning.
  • Section counter will determine the number of sections made.
  • Automatic specimen feed is 1 to 60u, specifically 1 to 10u in 1u increments, 10 to 20u in 2u increments and 20 to 60u in 5u increments.
  • Full feed range is 25mm. Universal quick-change specimen holder systems allows versatile use of different specimen holders. X/Y Orientation.

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