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Digital radiography system

The auto-positioning feature is interlocked with the APRs. This function moves the ceiling-mounted X-ray tube support to any desired position at the press of a single button and can automatically set the X-ray tube angle. Effortless tube positioning allows the operator to focus on patient care. Naturally, manual operation is also possible to make fine positioning corrections extremely simple.

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2 months ago
Shimadzu RadSpeed Pro Network Traffic
I have a Radspeed pro that when we monitor the network, it appears to be trying to establish a connection to an IP address of 192.168.100.x. The system is configured for a private V-Lan and my assumption is that the system may have a local network with a router of some sort used communicate to peripherals such as detectors and such. Can someone confit this and share information about this internal network?Reply


-Sue Adams
4 months ago
operator manual
I need the operator manualReply


-Hugo Sha
a year ago
service manual
service manualReply
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