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Real time PCR 

Gentier 48S constant temperature amplification fluorescence detection system is based on Tianlong Technology's patented technology of temperature control and fluorescence detection with independent intellectual property rights, which is specially designed for constant temperature amplification experiments. The extremely fast fluorescence detection speed and excellent control accuracy can be easily applied to various environments such as bedside real-time detection, port hygiene monitoring, food safety spot inspections, etc., and provide you with accurate and effective experimental detection data in the first time.

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-Engr Michael Okeke
a year ago
User Manual
We have a donation of Gentier 48 real-time PCR but no manuals were included. Please I need help with the user manualReply


  • 48 sample positions can realize high-throughput detection of multiple samples;
  • High-efficiency temperature control: temperature accuracy and module temperature control accuracy are both ≤ 0.1, and temperature uniformity ≤ ±0.1;
  • Two kinds of fluorescence detection modules can realize multiple detection of a single sample;
  • Complete the 2-color fluorescence scanning of the whole hole in 2 seconds, shorten your experiment time;
  • 7-inch full-color touch screen, intuitive operation, easy to learn;
  • High-brightness maintenance-free LED light source, without any calibration work after moving;
  • With power-off protection function, the experiment will continue to run automatically after power-on;
  • The software can be upgraded, with multiple analysis functions such as HRM and SNP after the upgrade.

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