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The GB13B bilirubinmeters are the instruments for laboratories, the bilirubinmeters can be used in Neonatological and Obstetrics departments.

The GB13B bilirubinmeter is an optical instrument, which analysis the total bilirubin concentration in the serum of blood by the photometric method, the influence of hemoglobin is to be compensated automatically. 
The bilirubinmeter GB13B is based upon the modern electronics, so the use is very simple, and the results are reliable. There are no moving parts and short-life light sources.

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5 years ago
IT connection
Hi, is there any Option for a Code Reader for Patient`s Name/ Data Input?Reply


  • A wide range of measurements of concentration: from 0 to 30 mg/dl (0 ? 513 µmol/l)   
  • The possibility to use as a sample a single-use capillary, filled with blood;,   
  • The possibility to choose the unit of measurement: mg/dl or µMol/l  
  • To print out the data for the desired patient as a table or a graph trend   
  • The RS232 port for the connection with the central computer   
  • The models with or without incorporated battery and/or printer, as the user’s choice


Height130 mm
Length 315 mm
Weight6 kg
Width220 mm
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