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The One Beam with it’s ease of use and remarkable precision, gives the precise information on bilirubin levels and support which the Doctors need.

The One Beam allows for a rapid photo-metric analysis of the bilirubin total in the serum (totals of the conjugated and non-conjugated) using a capillary tube as an optical cell.    
The bilirubin concentration is determined with a photo-metric measurement at the 455nm and575nm wavelengths: the first wave length gives important information on the quantity of bilirubin, the second gives an indication of the presence of hae-moglobin, the substance which interferes with accurate measurement of the bilirubin level.Thanks to an algorithmic mathematical calculation, the One Beam is capable of eliminating the haemoglobin interference factor allowing for accurate results to be ofthe bilirubin concentration level in the blood. The results are immediately displayed on the One Beam’s LCD screen in mg/100ml, or alternatively in micro-moli per litre.    
A special system of collimation and concentration of the light beams allows for a reading even when the sample quantity of serum obtained after centrifugation is very small, as in the case of polycythemia (up to a haematocritic level of 80%), or due to partial filling of the capillary tube.    
The One Beam’s sophisticated electronics, micro-processor controlled, guarantees better working of the signal which is then transformed into the corresponding bilirubin level and immediately displayed on the LCD screen.    
The One Beam with printer allows for immediate printing of the results of every single exam.

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2 years ago
how to reset maintenance?
good evening how to reset maintenance?Reply


10 years ago
FS value

Please could you explain us the meaning of FS when we read a result on the one Beam machine.

Many Thanks



  • More stable signal – because when the light beam crosses the sample it is cleaned of all frequencies not useful for the measurement, thereby reducing the photo-isomerization phenomenon of the bilirubin which distorts the measurement, guaranteeing a more stable signal. 
  • More precise – because the reading is taken at only one point of the capillary tube which eliminates errors and discrepancies caused by readings taken at two different points.   
  • Stronger signal – due to the fact that it is a single beam is used not one which has been split down into two or more beams.

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