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Providing measurement of bilirubin levels in less than 5 seconds.   

The Reichert UNISTAT Bilirubinometer is a stat photometric analyzer for determining total bilirubin concentration in newborn infants. Quickly determine if more extensive tests are needed. 
The Reichert UNISTAT Bilirubinometer measures total bilirubin rapidly, accurately and economically. Because the analyzer is simple to use and calibrate, it requires very little training. The Reichert UNISTAT Bilirubinometer measures undiluted serum. This eliminates errors from time-consuming dilutions or chemical reactions. 
The improved Reichert Unistat Bilirubinometer includes diagnostic codes, a high-level check cuvette and an expanded measuring range. Operation is simple. Fill a 20µL disposable cuvette with undiluted serum and insert into the sample chamber. Push the button on the analyzer's top control panel. 
After 5 seconds, the results appear on the LED display. The Bilirubinometer is sold complete with calibration and high-level check cuvettes, reference manual, a box of 51 disposable cuvettes, replacement lamp, and three-wire cord with grounded plug. Additional cuvettes can be purchased as needed.

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-mohd haziq
4 years ago
error 12
cannot calibrate, error 12 occured when calibrate..why?already change pcb..still please..Reply


10 years ago
Bili Calibration Cuvette
How long is the life span for this calibration cuvette? How to know if it is degraded?Reply


12 years ago
E 10
Please can some body help me this error during bootupReply


  • Measures total bilirubin levels in under 5 seconds. 
  • Most trusted and reliable stat analysis of serum bilirubin available. 
  • Measures undiluted serum, eliminating errors from time-consuming dilution or chemical reactions. 
  • Easy to calibrate using included optical standards. 
  • Correlates between 96-99% with HPLC gold standard for measuring bilirubin.

Additional Specifications

Sample size: 20µL 
Measuring range: 0-40 mg/dL (0-684 µmol/L) 
Turnaround time: 15 sec. 
Accuracy: ±5% (0-30 mg/dL/0-513 µmol/L); ±10% (31-40 mg/dL/530-684 µmol/L)

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