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Test bilirubin levels without regard to gender, gestational age, or bodyweight — and without needing a blood sample

Only the replaceable plastic tip touches the baby, so BiliChek greatly reduces the risk of infection or cross contamination.    Resting lightly on the baby's head or sternum, this revolutionary handheld unit gives you instant results—allowing you to make immediate treatment decisions while reducing the costs and time associated with blood chemistry analysis.    BiliChek is approved for use before, during and post phototherapy and is ideal for use in the hospital (Nursery, NICU and PICU), clinics and the pediatrician's office. BiliChek has also been cleared for use in the home for use by visiting nurse associations.

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4 years ago
do you know anyone who services/calibrates the philips bilichek Reply


4 years ago
Result Interface
Can BiliChek be interfaced to RALS?Reply


8 years ago

Do the bili meters need to have any specific maintainence in regards to calibration. I have a few meters that constantly show they won't calibrate but after about 5 tries (with no changes) it will calibrate for a reading.



Height8.5 in
Length 3.1 in
Weight12 oz
Width2.4 in

Additional Specifications

Gestational Age: 27-42 weeks  Post-Natal Age: 0-20 days  Total Serum Bilirubin Range: 0-20 mg/dL  Accuracy (RMSE): +/- 1.5 mg/dL

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