AFP Imaging - Medi-Pro/MP Automatic Film Pro
by AFP Imaging

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Reliable and affordable medical imaging products for nearly three decade. 

Built for performance, the microprocessor controlled Medi-Pro/MP x-ray film processor provides crisp, beautifully finished radiographs in just 90 seconds. A modular, compact design makes the Medi-Pro/MP an integral part of any facility's asset management program. The Medi-Pro/MP is designed with great emphasis on structural integrity. With stainless steel construction and a high impact composite exterior, the Medi-Pro/MP is both robust and attractive. Precision machined, friction-reducing roller bearings, matched with an oversized drive motor enable the Medi-Pro/MP to transport film effortlessly. This results in ease of operation, low maintenance, and extended product longevity.

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8 years ago
Medi Pro

Where would i be able to get a control board for this type of processor



  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Heavy duty rugged construction
  • Up to 200 films/hour
  • 90 second leading edge transport tips
  • Exclusive roller transport system
  •  Easy operation
  • Attractive stylish design

Additional Specifications

Mini-Medical/90 Processing Time 90 seconds (leading edge transport time) 60 seconds optional Processing Capacity 51" (129 cm) per minute Up to 200 14" X 17" (35 cm X 43 cm) films per hour Up to 350 mixed film sizes per hour Dimensions: Processor: Height: 22-1/2" (57.2 cm) Width: 23" (58.4 cm) Length 45-1/2" (115.6 cm) including the feed tray Base: Height: 24" (61 cm) Water Consumption: 1/2 gal (1.9 liters) per minute - in processing mode (No water consumption in standby mode) Tank Capacities Developer 2-3/4 gal (10.4 liters) Fixer 1-3/4 gal (6.6 liters) Wash 1-3/4 gal (6.6 liters) Weight 250 lbs (114 kg) - without fluids Power Requirements 120 VAC/20 A or 240VAC/10 A, 50/60 Hz Drain Requirements: 4 gal (15 liters) per minute (required only when tanks are emptied during periodic maintenance) Warranty: 2 year limited on parts

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