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AFP Imaging's Mini-Medical is setting a new standard for tabletop film processors. These quality x-ray film processors are built and priced to make in-house film developing cost-effective for small offices, clinics, satellite health care facilities, and mobile installations, by including many time, space, and money-saving features found in higher priced models. 

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-doc garvey
3 years ago
looking for parts
looking for pasts for a AFP imaging mini-medReply


-Alexis Colombia
8 years ago
Mini Med 90 unit dryer don´t heat

Hi, my name is Alexis and I have a Mini Med 90 that does not heat the dryer unit, I think he was upset, because I found the resistor connected to a transformer 12vac, made a measurement of the resistances are 44 ohms, I thinks which are connected to a voltaje of 115vac and not of 12vac, as I found, as I have no manual need your help to solve this problem, my email  is: thanks for your help.



8 years ago
AFP Imging Mini-Medical/90

Does anyone know the price range of a used Mini-medical/90?





  • Built-in quality control - Audible and visual indicators add to operator convenience by signaling when the processor is ready to accept another film    
  • Developer level and temperature indicator - Two separate indicator lights let the operator know the developer solution is at the proper level and that it has reached the optimum temperature for film processing    
  • Constant readiness design - A special "jog" cycle keeps rollers wet while the machine is in standby, thus guaranteeing quality processing throughout the day    
  • Automatic chemical replenisher - An electronic activating system replenishes solutions automatically keeping all chemicals used in the Mini-Medical at peak operating efficiency    
  • Interlocking crossover - Films travel from tank to tank with minimum exposure to air. The tank's new molded plastic uni-body design and the interlocking design of each rack simplify removal    
  • Automatic wash water control - Minimizes the consumption of water by eliminating flow during standby mode. Approximately 1 pint of fresh water is added during each "jog" cycle to eliminate algae problems associated with standing water  
  • Infrared dryer - Energy efficient "I.R. heat lamps" dry each film quickly and quietly. "Pivot-back" dryer rack enables easy access to wash section    
  • Simple installation - The AFP Mini-Medical runs on standard electrical current (115 VAC, 15 A) and requires only a cold water line connection. The unit is UL approved    
  • Automatic standby - During periods of inactivity, the drive motor and pumps shut off automatically reducing energy consumption and mechanical wear. Temperatures are maintained electronically    
  • Light-proof covered feed tray - Reduces time in the dark    
  • Silver recovery connection - Fixer drainage hose fittings are compatible with most standard silver recovery units    
  • Solid state circuitry - Modular, state-of-the-art electronics are designed to assure reliable operation with minimal start-up and reset times. An audible tone alerts operator that processor is ready to accept another film    

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