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Real Time PCR System. 

The Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 5 Real-Time PCR System for Human Identification with tower computer is the latest addition to our human identification (HID) real-time PCR family of products. This instrument is designed for both new and experienced users who need a simple, reliable, and affordable real-time PCR system that doesn’t require compromise on performance or quality. When used with our latest advances in quantification chemistry and HID Real-Time PCR Analysis Software, this system offers a sensitive, robust solution for forensic DNA quantification. It also helps prepare laboratories for future quantification technologies. With maximum dye versatility, this HID solution offers accurate, trusted results in a small benchtop footprint.

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-Engr Michael Okeke
a year ago
Pure Dyes Calibration Kit
Hello Team, Please I need advice on whether I can use the same dye calibration kits for both quantstudio 5 and quantstudio 6. The two instruments have the same block size of 96-wells 0.2mlReply
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