Radiometer - ABL90 FLEX
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Blood gas analyzer for point of care testing. 

Designed specifically for demanding hospital wards like the ICU, the NICU and the ED, the ABL90 FLEX analyzer is quickly ready for the next sample.

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2 months ago
Service Login

Does anyone know the default - operator name and password for the service technician, or the password for service logon as administrator on start-up ?



-Raynorshine Enterprises
3 years ago
Radiomenter ABL 90 Flex Service Manual anyone?
I have a customer with an ABL 9o without a hard drive. The device was purchased from an health authority which removes these to protect against patient data theft.... Does anyone have a service manual for one of these? We need to know what the parameters of a replacement drive should be. I believe the analyzer's software is Windows 7 based, but do not know for sure. The customer is a long way from here and I have never taken one of these apart. Thanks in advance for any help BRReply
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