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Electrolyte Analyzer

AC9000 series electrolyte analyzer uses the newest embedded processor so that the whole course from test, calibration and monitor of electrode state is controlled by program, with advanced and particular flow path design
The AC9000 series electrolyte analyzer adopts particular flow path design technology. There are great differences with present two sorts. Firstly, it doesn't use rotary distribution valve but use electromagnetic valve to control flow path; While the reliability of electromagnetic valve made standard is far higher than that of rotary distribution valve made by each instrument manufactory; Thus, the analyzer's reliability is improved greatly. Besides, it doesn't use the flow path that dividing Tco2 and ISE analysis into 2 independent paths but measure them respectively in one channel, thus, the flow path is simplified, reduces sample size and improves reliability. As adopt optimized cleaning program, its cross contamination is reduced to the lowest degree.

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Service manual
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  • Independent and convenient sampling system
  • The built-in automatic sampling device and the instrument is an indivisible integer.
  • One accessorial sampling device is connected with original manual sampling device through pipeline.
  • Adopt particular flow path design, which makes the route shortest and simplest.

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