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Image management system 

The 660HD Image Management System increases OR efficiency by easily capturing and utilizing surgical images in true high definition (HD) format. The Smith & Nephew 660HD Image Management System is an easy-to-use digital capture system that enables the OR staff to capture, edit, print, and store intraoperative surgical images and videos in true 1920 x 1080 high definition (HD) format. 

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-gba Medical
3 years ago
Need user manual / admin password
I need a user manual for a Smith & Nephew Dyonics 660HD. . . . I particular, I need the admin password so I can get into the system.Reply


  • Patient images and videos can be captured using camera head buttons or the graphical user interface.
  • Images can be edited and printed on inkjet or laser printers.
  • Patient data can be written to a data CD/DVD for a computer, or a video DVD for use in commercial DVD players
  • Images can also be saved to a USB drive or network folder.
  • Search history for previous patients, retrieve data and view, edit, print or save it.
  • Rename images, videos and audios using the built-in keyboard or configurable drop-down menus.
  • Enhance image brightness, contrast or color.

Additional Specifications

  • Capture images and video from any source in multiple formats.
  • Capture audio either in combination with video, or as an audio clip.
  • Store data to a USB device, CD, or DVD .
  • Send patient data to any network folder.
  • Use the Integration Broker software to save to PACS using DICOM, or Electronics Medical Record (EMR) using HL7.

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