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More patients can be served comfortably and effectively with the Samsung S-Detector™.A flexible design and range of sizes deliver efficient and effective performance, along with easy, reliable operation.Easily upgrade to a superior DR system with AED (Auto Exposure Detection).AED recognizes exposure timing automatically without a cable connection between the X-ray generator and detector, allowing easy and simple installation.

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-MedWrench Crystalyn
3 months ago
Samsung S-Detector
Samsung S-Detector Reply


3 months ago
need to replace and calibrate a Samsing S4335WV detector panel
I have to replace and calibrate a Samsung S4335WV detector on a Samsung S-Station PC running Samsung software version 3.01. It's using a Del rad room for the X-ray portion. Can someone provide me with the service manual describing this procedure? Or give me a "How to" so I can perform this task?Reply


Samsung S-Detector


  • S4343-W, S4335-W & S3025-W detectors adopt directly deposited CsI scintillators.
  • The efficiency of radiation is improved, ensuring high image quality without increasing dose, as compared to previous indirect type detectors.
  • Different S-Detectorâ„¢ sizes are available (S3025-W, S4335-W, S4343-W*), which enables personalized care for pediatric to bariatric patients and ensures optimized images for various body areas, such as hands, chests or spines.
  • A lightweight wireless detector gives users the freedom to position the unit quickly and easily so a greater number of patients can be served. A patented portable grid can be conveniently and comfortably placed under patients.
  • S3025-W* is water-resistant to protect it from liquid sprays and dust in all directions. The product is durable against unexpectedcontact with substances such as blood, body fluids and liquid and powdered medication, and can be easily cleaned.

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