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Hemodialysis Machine

The 2008T hemodialysis machine is built on three decades of market leadership. The 2008T is often respected for its proven reliability and durability. It's one reason we have an installed base of over 120,000 machines in the U.S., more than all other dialysis brands combined. 

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Actuator board failed to send data

Actuator board failed to send data

Equipment: Fresenius 2008T



  • Uses conductivity sensors to measure dialysate sodium concentration pre- and post-dialyzer to determine effective dialyzer urea clearance
  • Measures and predicts adequacy goal attainment
  • Alerts clinician if target Kt/V will not be met
  • Facilitates early intervention during the treatment to achieve adequate therapy
  • On-screen, step-by-step instruction for monthly access flow measurement when used in conjunction with the Twister® reverse-flow bloodline
  • Trending of access flow which permits intervention before access failure
  • Auto Flow feature allows the user to set the dialysate flow to either 1.5 times or 2 times the blood flow in steps of 100 mL/min.3
  • Durinq idle periods, the 2008T machine will automatically run dialysate flow at 300 mL/min to conserve dialysate or it may be manually set to as low as 0 mL/min.
  • Ensures the most economical use of dialysate while maintaining an optimal dialysis dose — potential savings of up to 30 percent with no impact on Kt/V attainment.4 
  • Four preset profiles as well as four facility-customizable profiles are available.
  • An automated method of changing the concentration of dialysate sodium in accordance with the physician's prescription.

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