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Patient Monitor 

BPL EliteView EV8 Patient Monitoring System is an indispensable part of critical care units. Right from monitoring ECG, SpO2, Respiratory rate, Temperature and NiBP, patient monitors monitor multitude of parameters through sensors. While the history of monitoring can be traced back to check on deterioration of patient's health, today's monitors are equipped to provide real time data as and when required. Mapped to central nursing stations, they are smart and relay meaningful data. The new design monitor is user-friendly, features Defibrillation synchronization, Nurse Call, USB, Central nursing station & Bed to Bed Communication.

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  • 8 inch color LCD display with high pixel resolution.

  • Added feature of NiBP assisted vein puncture function to aid the physician

  • Supports data transfer through USB, FTP, wired and wireless connection to CNS

  • Supports adult, pediatric and neonatal modes of operation

  • With 160 hours of trend data storage, 2000 NiBP reviews and 48 hours wave review of single channel

  • Optional touch screen

  • Optional parameters : IBP, CO2

Additional Specifications

  • Waveform Smoothening: Helps the caregiver to observe waveforms for better view from a distance
  • Comprehensive Data Storage: With 160 hours of Trend Data Storage, 2000 NiBP reviews and 48 hours wave review of single channel

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