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Block Digestor

The Lachat BD-46 Block Digestor is designed to perform safe and convenient high- temperature digestions such as the Kjeldahl nitrogen digeston and other digestions involving boiling inorganic acids. Its rack system has a capacity of 46 tubes in two sections of 23 tubes each.

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3 years ago
Calibration/Control adjustment
Does anyone have instructions on alignment of the temperature control/display on the Lachat BD-46 block digester?Reply


  • Models for 46 or 23 tubes
  • Stainless Steel for maximum life
  • Use multiple racks to prepare sample batches (Kjeldal Digestion)
  • Keeps radiated heat around the tubes during digestion
  • Evenly distributes heat
  • No Hot and Cold spots
  • Allows uniform digestion across the block
  • Capture and re-condense digest fumes
  • Reduce acid loss
  • Reduce cross contamination
  • Reduce splatter

Additional Specifications

  • Stainless steel construction for long life
  • Holds tubes above the Block for rapid cooling

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