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Plate Film Processor 

They are highly automated machines with wilde tolerance of processing control adjustment and wide application range. Being the former OEM manufacturer for Kodak CTP plate processors, Huqiu Imaging is the leading player in this field. We are devoted to provide our clients with the top quality plate processors at an affordable price. Our PT-125 plate processors are designed to produce consistent and high quality results and have been market-tested over the years.

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  • Immersed roller with stepless speed regulation, permits an automated work cycle.
  • Enlarged LED screen, 6-switch operation, user-friendly interface.
  • Advanced system: independent electric, software control system, programmable microprocessor control system, 3 washing options, developing fluid temperature control system that controls the developing temperature at precisely ±0.3.
  • Developing fluid replenished automatically according to usage, helps to maintain a longer fluid activity.
  • Filters can easily be removed and cleaned or replaced in just moments.
  • Large capacity developing tank, wide Φ54mm(Φ69mm), acid and alkaline resistant rubber shaft, ensuring durability and stability of the plate.
  • Compatible with shaft brushes of different hardness and material.
  • Rewash function to obtain optimal layout cleanliness.
  • Energy saving and cost reducing automatic sleep mode, automatic glue recycling system, and highly efficient hot air dryer system.
  • Upgraded communication interface connects directly with CTP.
  • Equipped with emergency switch and alert system to prevent malfunction by overheating, dry heating, and low fluid level.
  • Easy maintenance: shaft, brush, circulation pumps are removable.

Additional Specifications

  • Dimensions(HxW): 3423mm x 1710mm
  • Tank volume, developer: 56L
  • Power requirements: 220V(single phase) 50/60hz 4kw (max)
  • Maximum plate width: 1250mmPlate liner speed: 380mm/min^2280mm/min
  • Plate thickness: 0.15mm-0.40mm
  • Adjustable developing time: 10-60sec
  • Adjustable temperature,developer: 20-40
  • Adjustable temperature,dryer: 40-60
  • Adjustable water consumption recirculation: 0-200ml
  • Adjustable brush speed: 60r/min-120r/min
  • Net weight: 350kg

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