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Ultrasound System 

The MyLab70 XVG, MyLab70 XVision and MyLab60 are ultrasound systems within the MyLabGOLD Platform, designed to satisfy special medical requests from clinicians by extending the already high quality technology with integration, full data sharing, continuous workflow and unique advanced versatility.

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-murungi christopher
3 months ago
MyLab 70XVG
please avail a quotationReply


4 months ago
After relocation, the ultrasound does not working anymore
A few days ago I moved the ultrasound Esaote MyLab 70XVG to another location. I tested it and everything was ok. After two days, it doesn't work. It boots, starts Windows and crashes during loads the ultrasound program. A pop-up appear with Export Log Error to usb. Any hints? Reply
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  • Quality: Providing impressive image quality in all modalities and applications, delivering well-balanced systems, which integrate the latest technologies to consistently ensure the highest level of diagnosis.
  • Flexibility: Having the capability to fit perfectly into every medical environment, offering dedicated solutions to every single application and satisfying the needs of every unique operator.
  • Workflow: Thinking of the operator as the most important factor in the system’s design has resulted in ergonomics and fast user-interface to increase users’ comfort and clinical efficiency.
  • Value: Offering exactly what the operator needs and broadening the number of possible users through a flexible and modular architecture enhances the value of  investment and the diagnostic capability of every user
  • Impressive Image Quality: A new standard of image quality in all modalities and a wide range of applications, including standard cardiology, advanced cardiology and vascular.
  • Advanced Architecture: Based on the most updated electronic and informatics architecture, and able to manage even the most recent developments in signal processing and treatment.
  • Software-Based Updating: Due to sophisticated architecture, continuous technological evolution in the medical field can be available to the users merely through software upgrades. Specific upgrade kits can easily improve the performance of the MyLabsystems and enable new functions or technologies, always ensuring the most updated diagnostic capability.
  • Easy And Fast Interfacing: The MyLabGold Platform translates the potential of informatics into consistent clinical values. Sophisticated calculations and post-processing elaborations are normally performed on powerful workstations, which is why the MyLabGold Platform has been designed with unlimited capabilities in data transferring and sharing.
  • Unique Versatility: The MyLabGold Platform allows systems to continuously evolve, ensuring that system configurations are always updated and satisfying the most demanding clinical environments. This guarantees the value of the investment into the future.

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