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Steam Autoclave

The steam autoclave N is capable of conducting disinfection treatment for surgical instrument, dental appliance, surgical dressing, laboratory glassware, injection device and other autoclavable instruments. It is primarily used in operating theaters, dental rooms, ophthalmology departments and biomedical research institutes.

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  • This medical sterilization equipment has an open-type water tank that conforms to European standards and allows daily cleaning. 
  • Our steam autoclave works on the basis of internationally advanced steam sterilization techniques, and the disinfection result is very assuring.
  • The LCD windows are designed to reveal pressure, temperature and time of the sterilization process respectively. 
  • The operation panel is easy to use, while date, time and other information can be set by the user.
  • The fully automatic pneumatic lock mechanism is a new generation product to work instead of manual type, and the operation is much easier.
  • Due to the preheat button, the temperature inside the sterilization chamber is always maintained at 70°C or so. As a result, less time is needed for the chamber to reach the desired sterilization temperature, thus cutting down cycle time.
  • The stainless steel liner is manufactured through stretch forming. It has a beautiful appearance, while crack and water leakage are both avoided.
  • Our steam autoclave is able to connect with an external water distillation system for the purpose of automatic water fill, and it can be directly connected with drainage pipes as well so as to discharge remaining water automatically.
  • This N-cycle sterilizer is scientifically designed to deliver outstanding performance in an extremely safe way.
  • For the sterilization chamber, air must be removed so as to get better disinfection results. So, if the door is opened during sterilization process, no matter it is intentionally or by mistake, explosion will take place if you are not lucky enough, and this is resulted from the pressure difference. Accordingly, instruments or supplies inside the chamber will be destroyed. Given this, our type N steam autoclave adopts double lock mechanisms, including manual type and pneumatic type, to avoid damages caused by misoperation.
  • On the other hand, the temperature values of steam generator, inner and outer sides of chamber are all monitored to make sure that instruments inside won’t be damaged as a result of high temperature.

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