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DXP Domina has been designed based on the essential features a modern autoclave must be able to offer professionals and their team. This is clear from the moment you observe its elegant, compact design. Able to guarantee class B and class S sterilization cycles with impressive flexibility, it’s only through time that all this autoclave’s qualities really become evident, however. The most important of these is reliability, because DXP Domina is extremely robust, and the prime-quality materials and selected components reduce maintenance and therefore costs to a minimum. Paired with energy efficiency and low consumption, this makes DXP an autoclave capable of being inexpensive and environmentally-friendly at the same time.

DXP Domina’s task is clear and precise: to guarantee effective, gentle sterilization, allowing the operator to work comfortably and with no concerns. This result is achieved thanks to a number of technical solutions able to guarantee both quality and quantity: the spacious copper chamber ensures excellent load capacity and rapid and uniform heating, while the Adaptive Heat system eliminates temperature fluctuations, making it possible to sterilize even the most sensitive instruments, such as air turbines and handpieces, reducing the risk of damaging them to a minimum.

One of the qualities that has made DXP Domina a benchmark for years in the sterilization sector, known and chosen by so many dentists worldwide, is its ability to combine performance with another fundamental, practical aspect: safety. This regards the management of the autoclave – thanks to the bacteriological filter, the practical cap for filling the tank and the clean/dirty water tap – and the post-sterilization cycle process, thanks to the optional integrated printer and optional Wi-Fi kit, which makes it possible to trace and file data quickly, easily and in full compliance with the regulations in force.

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9 days ago
service Manual
hi, where can i find the service manual of the dental X brand autoclave model Domina Plus B ? RegardsReply
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Additional Specifications

  • Overall Demensions    447 x 438 x 625 mm (L x H x P)
  • Chamber Demensions   Ø 240 – 384 mm (P)
  • Chamber Size    17,5 L
  • Weight (empty)    45 Kg
  • Power Supply Voltage   230 V 50/60 Hz
  • Power Consumption   900 W – 1920 W
  • Operating Temperature    +10 -+ 40° C
  • Altitude   between 0 and 2000 metres above sea level
  • Operating Range   Indoor use
  • Relative humidity 85%
  • Maximum line-voltage deviation ±10%
  • Installation category II
  • Pollution level 2
  • UsableSpace  180 x 282 x 160 mm LxPxH
  • Water Consumption Value    0,6 litres
  • Tank Capacity (clean water and used water)    4 litres each
  • Auto switch off    After 30’ of stand by at the end of cycle

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