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Vehicle based digital Radiography system 

Using the PULMOEXPRESS helps raise awareness of TB among high-risk groups and those who work with them. The PULMOEXPRESS vehicle-based unit with the PULMOSCAN system on board aims to find cases of TB at an early stage of disease progression, before someone becomes infectious and can pass the disease to other people.

The PULMOEXPRESS includes the imaging modality and the supporting equipment for image interpretation and storage, plus the opportunity to link with remote reporting. Its robust design has proven that it is able to support a chest screening and early diagnostics of TB program for population groups in rural and hard-to-reach areas, as well as in industrial settings, military units, refugee camps and penitentiaries.

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  • Extreme reliability against the external environmental factors
  • Unbeatable compact and robust design
  • Quick return of investment due to effective cost and high throughput
  • Fully digital.

Additional Specifications

  • X-ray chest screening system PULMOSCAN
  • Acquisition workstation
  • Waiting room
  • Washstand
  • Closet

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