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Radial Shockwave Therapy

Modus Basic ESWT is used in physiotherapy, orthopedics, veterinary applications such as Modus ESWT as well as in the treatment of erectile dysfunction disorder known as impotence among the public, such as the Modus ED-SWT device. Modus Basic ESWT uses acoustic waves to initiate a process called neovascularization in some parts of the body with shock wave therapy. As a result of neovascularization, new blood vessels are formed. It is possible to see effective results in a very short time. Portable and ergonomically designed.

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-MedWrench Crystalyn
8 months ago
Inceler Medikal Modus Basic ESWT
Inceler Medikal Modus Basic ESWT Reply


Inceler Medikal Modus Basic ESWT


  • It is the most powerful Radial Shockwave Therapy device in the market. 
  • It provides impulses up to 22 Hz and 5 bar.
  • Lightweight & portable (13,5 kg). You can treat patients anywhere, anytime.
  • Modus Basic with built-in compressor is designed for manual use. User can manually set power, frequency and mode.

Additional Specifications

  • Working principle    Radial
  • Compressed Air Supply    1-5 Bar – Built-in Compressor
  • Frequency    1-22 Hz
  • Display    Led LCD Display
  • Dimension (W-L-H)    384 mm X 316 mm X 226 mm
  • Weight    13,50 kg
  • Memory    3 - User Defined
  • Soft Applicator Technology    YES
  • Applicators    7 Units
  • Warranty    24 Months
  • Handpiece    3 Million Shock Pulses

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