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Pipeline Dispenser 

The Essen Pipeline Dispenser is an automated dispenser of sterile solutions, combining the characteristics of a peristaltic pump with the ease of a sterile consumable. It is good for use in transferring sterile fluids such as cell culture media in a quick and precise manner. The Essen 4354 Pipeline dispenser (in conjunction with the Peripette consumable; not included) efficiently transfers sterile fluids. By combining the advantages of a peristaltic pump with the convenience of a sterile consumable, the Essen 4354 Pipeline dispenser and associated Peripette consumable provide a fast, accurate and efficient solution for transferring sterile fluids such as cell culture media. Because the fluid delivery combines aspiration and dispense it is easily twice as fast as manual pipetting.

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-MedWrench Crystalyn
3 years ago
Cat NO 4354
Cat NO 4354Reply


Cat NO 4354


  • Three times as fast as manual pipetting.
  • Reduces repetitive motion injuries.
  • Improved precision and accuracy.
  • Accurate and precise.
  • Promotes consistent technique.
  • Increases throughput.
  • Reduces tiring, repetitive motions.
  • Foot switch operation.
  • Designed for use in bio-cabinets

Additional Specifications

  • Dispense Speeds: 4,6 and 8 mL/s approximate
  • Programmable Volumes: 0.1mL – 99.9mL (0.1mL increments); 100mL – 9999mL (1.0mL increments)
  • Accuracy: ±(2.0% + 0.12mL)
  • Height: 36cm
  • Width: 25cm
  • Depth: 23cm
  • Weight: 9.15kg

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