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Air Purifier 

Utilizing the powerful, multi-stage technologies of Surgically Clean Air, watch how JADE captures and deactivates the particulates and bioaerosols created and released by dental procedures. As one of the world's most advanced stand-alone air purifiers, JADE effectively removes airborne pathogens, particulates and odors, then releases purified, re-energized air back into the room—making it a smart solution for operatories, as well as your sterilization area, waiting room and other common areas.

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  • Six-stage technology. Effectively filters, purifies and re-energizes indoor air.
  • Activated carbon filter. Absorbs unpleasant odors and noxious gases.
  • Sound-dampening design. Highest speed produces only 55 dB(A). The soothing "white noise" enhances patient privacy.
  • Large capacity airflow. Purifies and maintains up to 2,000 cubic feet of space, with six air changes per hour.
  • Real-time monitoring. Colored light bar indicates current air quality. Digital panel displays the concentration of fine particulates.
  • Top air outlet. Enables clean, filtered air to flow into the room without creating uncomfortable breezes.
  • Touchless control. Turn power on/off and easily adjust the fan speed with hands-free activation.
  • Sleek silhouette. The slim profile is easy to incorporate into any operatory or practice space.

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