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FDR Go Plus is one of the smallest, quietest, and most agile full-size portable systems available. FDR Go PLUS is one of the smallest, quietest, and most agile full-size portables available. Its quiet, smooth operation, retractable column, and compact design make it ideal for navigating busy environments and tight spaces. Together with Fujifilm's trademark image quality and dose performance, FDR Go PLUS offers exactly what you need for your most challenging bedside exams.

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4 months ago
F5F error
how to fix F5F error charging, appearing F5F Malfunction Indicator Lamp mAs?

Equipment: Fujifilm - FDR Go Plus



a year ago
field Service Engineer
Fuji FDR GO getting error 'F68' when trying to make exposure. What does it mean? Also what is the Password for the 'service Utility' How to connect dectectorReply


a year ago
errore d4
la macchina da errore d 4 ed e' bloccata Reply
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  • All new retractable column, ultra-low park position, and signature compact tube head for maximum visibility and agile maneuverability while traveling.

  • System status indicators with bright LED status lights on the monitor and tube arm to provide exposure, charge, and system status at a glance.

  • Extra-large touchscreen display with Dynamic Visualization™ image processing, which automatically optimizes images for greater diagnostic visibility.

  • Virtual Grid™ (option) image processing simulates grid use, eliminating the need for a grid. It provides excellent image quality, up to 50% lower dose than grid exams, lighter easier positioning, and optimal patient comfort.

  • Extensive dedicated storage areas for large and small items, including a covered storage compartment for smaller items and larger open slots for easy accessibility and cleaning.

  • Inching controls at the tube head slowly move the system forward or backward for precise positioning at the bedside without needing to return to the drive handle.

  • 3 sets of easy-to-reach tube positioning releases and front and rear collimation controls for fast, easy collimation and positioning exactly where you need it.

  • Fun pediatric graphics (option) to help calm patients and parents in the NICU, PICU, and pediatric departments.

  • Compatible with FDR D-EVO II detectors available in GOS and CsI, in standard 14x17'' or full field-of-view 17x17'' sizes, and a 24x30cm perfect for neonatal and extremity use, all featuring Fujifilm's patented ISS technology for exceptional image quality at low dose.

  • System battery power lasts 3-4 hours and features emergency reserve mode for additional exposures and travel after low battery warning.

    Browser based RIS and PACS shortcut buttons let you close studies remotely from the mobile console.

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